Webinar - Improved Seismic Well Tie Workflow In AttributeStudio
Author: subsurfaceAI

AttributeStudio WEBINAR

Improved Seismic Well Tie Workflow

Presented by: Dr. Rongfeng Zhang, Senior Geoscientist
Geomodeling Technology Corp

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Date: Wednesday, February 10th, 2021
Time: 9:00 AM Mountain Time



Generating synthetic seismograms for seismic well tie is a critical step in seismic interpretation. The seismic well tie process in the legendary seismic interpretation software is carried out well by well, making the process time consuming and error-prone for many wells.

In the recent release of AttributeStudio, we dramatically improved the efficiency of generating massive number of synthetic seismograms to tie hundreds, even thousands of wells with few clicks. In this webinar, I will demonstrate the following steps of improved seismic well tie workflow,

  1. Filtering well log anomalies in batch mode before they are used for generating synthetics
  2. Generating synthetics for hundreds of wells in one process
  3. Generating multiple synthetic seismograms for individual wells that can be used to tie different seismic volumes
  4. Using well top-horizon pairs to tie hundreds of wells in seconds to minutes
  5. Interactive seismic well tie for multiple wells on seismic section and/or well section windows
  6. Seismic well tie without generating synthetics

I will demonstrate the above workflow using the latest update 2 release of AttributeStudio 8.4. The focus will be on the enhanced features, though the basic operation of generating synthetics and well-tie will be covered

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