Seismic Attribute Calculation & Integrated Analysis

For over 27 years, we have pioneered the development of innovative seismic attributes, revolutionizing seismic-based reservoir characterization. Our seismic attributes have led to numerous global success stories, enabling the characterization of structural, stratigraphic, lithological, and fluid properties in reservoirs. With SubsurfaceAI 2024, all these seismic attributes are just a click away. Users of AttributeStudio now have enhanced usability within SubsurfaceAI, offering seamless access to comprehensive attribute calculation and analysis functions.

Comprehensive Seismic Attribute Calculation

Inside SubsurfaceAI, you can interactively generate a wide array of seismic attributes, including 1. Single Trace and Multi-Trace Seismic Attributes:
    • Instantaneous Attributes: Amplitude, phase, frequency, polarity, and more.
    • Structural Attributes: Dip and azimuth volumes, various curvature volumes, fault likelihood volume.
    • Visualization Enhancements: Lambertian reflectance.
    • Waveform Analysis: Trace similarity attributes.
    • Lithological Analysis: Relative acoustic impedance.
    • Spectral Attributes: Frequency components and bandwidth characteristics.
    • Fault and Fracture Analysis: Thinning of fault and fracture attributes.
2. Spectral Decomposition:
    • Utilize six advanced algorithms for detailed frequency analysis:
      • Short-time Fourier transform (STFT)
      • Continuous wavelet transform (CWT)
      • Time-frequency continuous wavelet transform (TFCWT)
      • S-Transform
      • Continuous wavelet packet transform (CWPT)
      • Real seismic wavelet transform (RSWT)
3. AVO (Amplitude Versus Offset) Attributes from Partial Stacks:
    • Calculate AVO gradient and intercept attributes from partial stacked seismic volumes.
    • Cross-plot AVO attributes to define AVO class volumes for enhanced analysis.
    • Calculate fluid stacks and lithology stacks.
4. Interpretive Processing:
    • Perform interpretive processing and data conditioning of seismic volumes interactively before or after attribute calculation with algorithms including:
      • Colored inversion for improved seismic resolution.
      • Spectral blueing for frequency-based enhancement.
      • Band-pass filtering to isolate specific frequency ranges.
      • 3-D image filtering with various filter types (mean, median, maximum, minimum, Sobel, PCA filtering, Gaussian filter, edge-preserving filters).
      • Phase rotation for phase adjustment and alignment.
      • Texture filtering for enhanced structural delineation and feature extraction.

Integrated Analysis for Reservoir Characterization

Seismic attribute calculation is a means to an end – the ultimate objective is to detect and map spatial variations in reservoir properties, including structural, stratigraphic, lithological, and fluid content. SubsurfaceAI equips you with purpose-built functions for rapid and interactive seismic attribute analysis within your zones of interest, while also providing quantitative interpretation

Advanced Seismic Attribute Analysis Functions

SubsurfaceAI embeds numerous advanced analysis functions to facilitate detailed reservoir characterization:

1. Strata-Grid Attributes:

    • Create versatile stratigraphic grids from one or multiple horizons, with options for proportional, parallel-to-top, parallel-to-bottom, or parallel-to-external surface contacts.
    • Extract attributes from 3-D volumes to the strata-grid for detailed analysis.
    • Export interpolated horizons for further use.
    • Define new intervals using slices within the strata-grid for precise analysis.

2. Stratigraphic Analysis:

    • Flatten the strata-grid on either top or bottom for enhanced visualization and analysis.
    • Animate stratigraphic slicing in seismic sections, base maps, and 3-D windows interactively for dynamic exploration.

3. Interval Attributes:

    • Define interval objects from one or multiple horizons and calculate statistics of seismic attributes within the interval, resulting in insightful “interval attributes.”

4. Horizon Attributes:

    • Sample seismic attributes from multiple attribute volumes instantaneously or within specified time or depth windows along horizons.
    • Calculate instantaneous attributes along horizons without generating attributes, enabling efficient analysis across multiple horizons and volumes simultaneously.

5. Tuning Cube:

    • Generate a frequency tuning cube from spectral decomposition for horizons, intervals, or strata-grids.
    • Visualize and animate iso-frequency amplitude slices in seismic sections, base maps, and 3-D windows for detailed analysis.

6. Frequency Decay Mapping:

    • Calculate frequency decay maps from selected horizons to identify areas affected by “frequency shadow” due to gas accumulation.
    • Visualize frequency decay trend lines in each trace for precise interpretation.

7. 2-D and 3-D Cross Plotting & Polygon Classification:

    • Define multiple facies polygons in 2-D or 3-D cross plots for attributes of volumes, horizons, strata grids, or intervals, enabling detailed analysis and classification.
    • Real-time projection of samples from cross plots onto base maps or 3-D windows.
    • Convert samples defined in cross plots to facies maps or grids and estimate and visualize probability density maps or density volumes for each facies.

8. Waveform Correlation Mapping:

    • Generate waveform correlation maps for every trace in the seismic volume between two horizons using model traces from wells with known facies or reservoir properties.
    • Resulting correlation maps provide valuable insights into the classification of model traces.

SubsurfaceAI 2024 is your gateway to cutting-edge seismic attribute calculation and integrated analysis, transforming how you characterize and understand your reservoirs with intelligent analysis of seismic attributes.

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