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Welcome to interpretationAI, the future of AI for seismic interpretation software. This groundbreaking software, infused with advanced AI technology, is designed to dramatically streamline your seismic interpretation projects. Whether your seismic interpretation project spans 100 km2 or 10,000 km2, InterpretationAI is equipped to handle it with unmatched efficiency.

At the heart of interpretationAI lies its capability to learn from your interpretations. Begin with just a few lines of your initial interpretations – covering faults, horizons, and geobodies – and watch as interpretationAI skillfully extends these interpretations across the entire seismic volume. The result? A comprehensive, detailed, and accurate seismic interpretation, derived from your expert insights and our AI’s powerful pattern recognitions.

interpretationAI is not just about extending interpretations. It’s a complete solution for both 2-D and 3-D seismic interpretation processes. From seamless seismic-well ties to precise time-depth conversions, every step is enhanced with AI and machine learning algorithms. This integration ensures that each phase of your project benefits from increased accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

Embrace the future of seismic interpretation with interpretationAI – where your expertise meets our AI’s power, redefining what’s possible in seismic analysis.


Discover the Advantages of interpretationAI

Effortless Training of AI Models:

  • With interpretationAI, you can quickly and easily train AI models using your own expert interpretations. This user-friendly process requires only a few key sections to comprehensively understand and interpret faults, horizons, channels, and geobodies. It’s designed to be straightforward, ensuring that you can start leveraging AI power without a steep learning curve.
  • Simultaneous Multiple Object Training and Prediction: Streamline your workflow with the ability to train and predict multiple objects in a single iteration. This feature saves valuable time and increases efficiency by handling various elements concurrently, thereby enhancing the overall productivity of your seismic interpretation projects.
  • Collaborative Multi-User Database: Our robust multi-user database is a game-changer, storing training labels and AI models that can be reused and shared across different projects within your company. This collaborative environment not only fosters knowledge sharing but also ensures consistency and quality across your organization’s seismic interpretation endeavors.
  • Foundation in Traditional Seismic Interpretation: InterpretationAI is built upon a solid base of traditional seismic interpretation and visualization tools. This integration ensures a familiar environment for professionals, combined with the enhanced capabilities of modern AI technology, bridging the gap between traditional methods and future-forward techniques.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Workflows: Experience effortless integration with your existing seismic and well data interpretation and reservoir characterization workflows. InterpretationAI is designed to seamlessly blend into your current processes, enhancing them with AI-driven insights without disrupting your established procedures.
  • Advanced Data-Driven Inversion within One Project: Elevate your approach to reservoir properties with our seamless integration of data-driven inversion. This feature allows for a comprehensive and cohesive project management experience, enabling you to handle everything from seismic interpretation to reservoir characterization within a single, unified platform.

Explore Deliverables from interpretationAI

  • Fault Probability Volumes: With interpretationAI, unlock detailed fault probability volumes that offer a comprehensive view of potential fault locations. These volumes are generated using advanced AI algorithms, providing a high-resolution, probabilistic assessment of fault presence, aiding in more accurate and informed decision-making.
  • Fault Sticks: interpretationAI meticulously delineates fault sticks, offering clear and precise representations of faults within your seismic data. This key deliverable provides an invaluable resource for understanding geological structures and planning further exploration and development activities.
  • Seismic Sequence Volumes: Discover the power of seismic sequence volumes. Our tool expertly identifies and delineates seismic sequences, enabling you to understand and interpret the stratigraphic arrangement and history of sedimentary layers. This information is crucial for accurate geological modeling and resource estimation.
  • These detailed deliverables highlight the advanced capabilities of interpretationAI, demonstrating how it can provide comprehensive and insightful results for seismic interpretation projects. Incorporating this information into your webpage will help clients understand the depth and breadth of the outputs they can expect when using InterpretationAI.
  • Horizon Surfaces: With interpretationAI, you gain access to accurately mapped horizon surfaces. These surfaces represent key stratigraphic boundaries, providing essential data for understanding reservoir geometry and for planning drilling and production activities.
  • Geobodies Volumes: Our software excels in identifying and volumetrically quantifying geobodies. These volumes are essential for understanding the distribution and extent of different geological features, aiding in reservoir characterization and resource estimation.
  • Channel Probability Volumes: interpretationAI efficiently generates channel probability volumes, offering insights into the likelihood of channel presence within your seismic data. This feature is vital for understanding sedimentary environments and for predicting reservoir properties and behavior.
  • Multi-Facies Volumes: Leveraging the power of AI, InterpretationAI provides multi-facies volumes that enable the differentiation of various rock types within the subsurface. This detailed facies analysis is crucial for accurate reservoir characterization and for optimizing recovery strategies.

These detailed deliverables highlight the advanced capabilities of InterpretationAI, demonstrating how it can provide comprehensive and insightful results for seismic interpretation projects. Incorporating this information into your webpage will help clients understand the depth and breadth of the outputs they can expect when using interpretationAI.

Each of our AI software products is crafted to revolutionize how you operate, innovate, and excel. You can take your analysis from months down to days with our new AI products including interpretationAI, geomodelingAI, integrationAI, and unconventionalAI.   Whether you seek the ability to predict drilling hazards, incorporate geophysical data, or the ability to turn your geologic concepts into 3D models, our products have you covered. Elevate your business to new heights with our AI-powered solutions today.

We are pioneering in the industry, offering true multi-scale and cross-scale workflows that cater to an entire team. This innovative approach allows for seamless collaboration and integration of different aspects of subsurface exploration and modeling. As the industry moves forward, SubsurfaceAI Inc. is poised to lead the way with its innovative solutions, reshaping the future of subsurface exploration and modeling.

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