Rapid Seismic Interpretation

interpretationAI is designed to enhance seismic interpretation productivity without replacing interpreters. interpretationAI learns from your interpretation experience and enables you to achieve remarkable productivity gains of 20-200 times. With our solution, you can complete large 2-D and 3-D seismic interpretation projects in days instead of months.

Fault Detection

Our Al-derived fault probability volume goes beyond traditional seismic attributes by specifically detecting faults and recognizing boundaries of channels and geobodies as separate objects. With just a few clicks, you can convert the fault probability volume into fault surfaces or fault stick sets for advanced structure modeling.

Seismic Sequence Volume

Leverage the power of Al to learn seismic reflection patterns and generate comprehensive volumes of seismic sequences. Enhance your understanding of subsurface geology and make informed decisions.

Horizon Auto-Extraction

Accelerate seismic interpretation projects by allowing Al to learn your manual interpretation of seismic horizons that do not follow conventional peaks or troughs. With this solution, you can complete projects that would typically take more than three months in just days.

Channel Detection

Detect channel geobodies that are difficult to interpret with the legacy interpretation software.

Salt Dome Detection

Al-generated salt dome probability volumes quickly turn into velocity volumes, enabling more accurate seismic imaging. Identify salt domes with precision and improve your subsurface understanding.

Fast Seismic-Well Tie

Efficiently tie seismic horizons with well tops for thousands of wells, assisted by machine learning that predicts missing sonic logs.

Seismic Facies Classification

Experience the power of supervised and unsupervised seismic facies classification. Our software allows for customizable classification techniques conditioned to well data and geologic interpretation, providing valuable insights for optimized decision-making.

Fast Velocity Modeling and Updating

Multiple intersections of the same well tops along horizontal wells are honoured in the subsurfaceAI’s 30 velocity models that are conditioned by structure and stratigraphic frameworks with easy updates when you
have new wells.