Subsurface Challenges

In the dynamic and demanding landscape of the oil and gas industry, companies operating in both conventional and unconventional plays are increasingly encountering numerous subsurface challenges. These challenges revolve around optimizing subsurface assets and enhancing the efficiency of exploration and production (E&P) operations while minimizing environmental impact. The pressing need to address these challenges has never been greater, given the current business environment that demands higher efficiency, sustainability, and technological innovation.

At subsurfaceAI, we understand these complexities and have developed cutting-edge software solutions designed to empower E&P companies to tackle these issues head-on. Our innovative technologies are tailored to help our clients overcome a myriad of obstacles, thereby enabling them to achieve superior operational outcomes. Below, we outline some of the major subsurface challenges faced by the oil and gas industry and how our solutions are designed to address them effectively.

1. Reducing Turnaround Time in Processing and Interpretation of Large Seismic Surveys

Seismic surveys are becoming bigger and bigger, in both office and onshore surveys. The interpretation and processing of these large-scale seismic surveys are critical for identifying viable drilling locations, mapping subsurface structures and variations of reservoir facies. However, this process is often time-consuming and resource intensive. Delays can hinder decision-making and extend project timelines, leading to increased costs and missed opportunities. Unlike legacy software, subsurfaceAI leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to significantly reduce the turnaround time of seismic processing and interpretation for very large seismic projects, providing rapid and accurate seismic interpretation results. With subsurfaceAI, you can complete interpretation of a large 3-D seismic volume (>3 TB) in days instead of months. This accelerates the exploration process, allowing companies to make informed decisions swiftly.

2. Minimizing Exploration Drilling Risks

Exploration drilling involves substantial financial investment and operational risk. The uncertainty associated with subsurface conditions can lead to costly dry wells and safety incidents. Our predictive analytics and direct hydrocarbon indicators (DHI) assisted by AI are designed to mitigate these risks by providing detailed subsurface models and probabilistic forecasts. By utilizing our AI infused DHI and seismic integration solutions, companies can better understand the reservoir conditions and hydrocarbon presence before drilling, thereby reducing the likelihood of unsuccessful drilling operations.

3. Mapping Remaining Reserves to Optimize Reservoir Potential

Accurately mapping and quantifying remaining reserves is essential for maximizing the productivity of a reservoir. Traditional methods can be imprecise, leading to underutilization of resources, such as ignoring the existing well data and legacy seismic data. Our advanced reservoir modeling software, powered by the cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms, integrates multiple data sources in a scientifically sound workflow to create high-fidelity maps of remaining reserves. This allows E&P companies to identify and exploit untapped potential, ensuring more efficient resource extraction and extending the lifespan of existing assets.

4. Avoiding Surprises in Asset Development and Production

Developing new assets often comes with unexpected challenges, such as unforeseen geological formations or operational difficulties. These surprises can cause significant project delays and cost overruns. Our software solutions provide comprehensive pre-development analysis and simulation, enabling companies to anticipate and mitigate potential issues. By using our tools, E&P firms can proceed with greater confidence and accuracy, reducing the likelihood of costly surprises during asset development.

5. Preventing Drilling Hazards

Drilling operations are fraught with hazards, including blowouts, wellbore instability, and equipment failures. Preventing these incidents is paramount to maintaining operational safety and efficiency. Our real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance technologies help identify potential hazards before they occur. By continuously analyzing drilling data and equipment performance, our solutions allow companies to take proactive measures, thus preventing accidents and ensuring smoother drilling operations.

6. Reducing Induced Seismicity in Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, can induce seismic events, posing risks to both operations and surrounding communities. Managing and mitigating these seismic risks is a significant challenge. Our software employs sophisticated geomechanical modeling and seismic monitoring tools to minimize the risk of induced seismicity. By optimizing fracking parameters and continuously monitoring seismic activity, our solutions help companies conduct safer and more responsible hydraulic fracturing operations.

7. Understanding Parent-Child Well Interactions in Unconventional Drilling

In unconventional drilling, the interaction between parent and child wells can impact production efficiency and resource recovery. Rapidly understanding these interactions is crucial for optimizing well spacing and production strategies. Our software provides advanced analytics and visualization tools that enable E&P companies to quickly and accurately assess parent-child well dynamics. This leads to more effective drilling strategies and enhances overall production from unconventional reservoirs.

8. Evaluating Reservoir Values for Optimal Asset Acquisition and Divestiture

Accurate evaluation of reservoir values is essential for making informed decisions about asset acquisition and divestiture. Traditional valuation methods can be time-consuming and may not always provide a comprehensive picture. Our software integrates geological, geophysical, and economic data to deliver precise and comprehensive reservoir valuations. This enables companies to make better-informed decisions regarding asset transactions, ensuring optimal investment outcomes.

At subsurfaceAI, we provide innovative solutions that address the critical challenges faced by the E&P industry. By leveraging our advanced software, oil & gas E&P companies can achieve greater efficiency, reduce risks, and operate more sustainably, ultimately leading to a more secure and productive future for energy exploration and production.