System Requirements

Requirements for subsurfaceAI, geomodelingAI, integrationAI, unconventionalAI

The table below lists system requirements and recommendations for subsurfaceAI software products. Note that a recommendation is not a guarantee of successful performance for very large data sets.

Operating System
Windows 10 or Windows 11
Redhat 7 64 bit system
64 bit systems
32 bit systems

The following are general recommendations for hardware configurations. These recommendations are not a guarantee of successful performance for large data sets. Supported project data is mainly limited by disk size, less dependent on memory size. However, at least 32 GB CPU memory is required. 64 GB memory is recommended if you are considering a new workstation.

Requirements for InterpretationAI Workstation

An InterpretationAI system consists of an InterpretationAI client and one or multiple InterpretationAI servers. The training and prediction with the AI model are made in the InterpretationAI servers which utilize the computation power of the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) in the video card. We only support NVIDIA video cards.

The InterpretationAI client and server programs run on MS-Windows 64 bits (version 10 or 11).

For optimal performance, we recommend installing both InterpretationAI client and InterpretationAI server on the same workstation, even though the InterpretationAI client program can be configured to work with multiple InterpretationAI servers in the same local network.

The following table lists both recommended and the minimum system configurations for an InterpretationAI workstation where you install both InterpretationAI server and client programs.