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Welcome to the world of unconventionalAI, where advanced technology meets subsurface exploration and production. This innovative tool is specifically designed to address the unique challenges of unconventional resource development, offering a suite of powerful capabilities that transform the way you interpret and predict key aspects of your projects.

Benefits of unconventionalAI

  • Advanced Drilling Hazard Prediction: unconventionalAI leverages seismic attributes to accurately interpret and predict drilling hazards. This critical feature enables your team to foresee and mitigate potential risks, ensuring safer and more efficient drilling operations. By proactively identifying hazards, unconventionalAI not only protects your assets but also significantly reduces downtime and operational costs.
  • Stimulated Reservoir Volume Estimation: Estimating Stimulated Reservoir Volumes (SRV) is essential in unconventional resource development. unconventionalAI excels in this area by providing precise estimations of SRV, enabling you to understand and optimize hydraulic fracturing and other stimulation techniques. This insight is crucial for maximizing recovery and ensuring the economic viability of your projects.
  • Mapping Production Sweet Spots: One of the standout features of unconventionalAI is its ability to map production sweet spots. By integrating a wide range of data, including geoscience, completion, drilling, and various reservoir diagnostic data (such as microseismic, Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), and tracer testing data), this tool pinpoints the most productive zones in your field. This capability allows for targeted development strategies, ensuring that resources are utilized in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • Comprehensive Data Integration: At the heart of unconventionalAI is its powerful data integration capability. The software seamlessly combines diverse data sets, offering a holistic view of your project. This integration not only enhances the accuracy of predictions and estimations but also provides a richer, more detailed understanding of your reservoirs, leading to better-informed strategic decisions.

unconventionalAI is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer in the field of unconventional resource development. Its advanced predictive capabilities, combined with comprehensive data integration, make it an invaluable asset for any team looking to optimize their exploration and production activities in unconventional plays. Embrace the future of resource development with unconventionalAI.

Harness the Power of Unconventional Analysis

Transforming Unconventional Resource Development

unconventionalAI is not just a software package; it’s a comprehensive solution that brings a new level of insight and efficiency to your unconventional resource projects. Here are the key benefits that make unconventionalAI a game-changer in the industry:

  • Advanced Dynamic Visualization: unconventionalAI offers state-of-the-art dynamic visualization capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly integrate and view microseismic events alongside completion and seismic data. This powerful feature provides a more comprehensive understanding of the subsurface environment, enabling you to visualize the complex interactions between geological formations and stimulation activities. This holistic view is crucial for optimizing completion designs and enhancing overall project effectiveness.
  • Real-Time Unconventional Monitoring: Stay ahead with in-stage unconventional monitoring. unconventionalAI delivers real-time insights during the critical stages of your operations, allowing for immediate adjustments and optimizations. This in-stage monitoring capability ensures that you are always equipped with the latest information, enabling proactive decision-making and minimizing potential risks.
  • Predictive Analysis for Microseismic Density: Leverage the predictive power of unconventionalAI to forecast microseismic density from surface seismic attributes for future fracturing jobs. This predictive capability allows you to anticipate the impact of your fracturing activities, guiding you in designing more effective and efficient fracturing plans. By predicting microseismic density, you can optimize resource extraction while minimizing environmental impact.
  • SRV Estimation and Prediction: unconventionalAI excels in the estimation and prediction of Stimulated Reservoir Volumes (SRV) for future wells. This feature provides valuable insights into the potential productivity of your wells, guiding your drilling and completion strategies. With accurate SRV predictions, you can better plan your development strategy, ensuring that each well contributes optimally to the overall success of your project.

unconventionalAI stands at the forefront of innovation in unconventional resource development. Its dynamic visualization, real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and precise SRV estimation capabilities make it an indispensable tool for any team looking to excel in this challenging field. Embrace the future of unconventional resource development with unconventionalAI.

Explore the Advanced Deliverables​

unconventionalAI is not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that offers a suite of sophisticated deliverables, each designed to enhance your understanding and management of unconventional resource extraction processes. Here’s what you can expect from unconventionalAI:

  • 4-D Microseismic Volumes: Experience the power of 4-D microseismic volumes that provide a dynamic, real-time view of the in-stage hydraulic fracturing process. These volumes offer a detailed temporal and spatial representation of microseismic events, enabling you to closely monitor and analyze the fracturing process as it unfolds. This level of detail is instrumental in optimizing fracturing techniques and ensuring the efficiency and safety of your operations.
  • 4-D Visualization of Tracer Measurements: unconventionalAI delivers an advanced 4-D visualization of tracer measurements, illustrating oil and gas production at each fracturing stage as a function of time. This visualization not only provides a clear picture of production efficiency but also aids in identifying patterns and trends that are crucial for optimizing future extraction efforts.
  • Connectivity Maps Between Parent and Child Wells in Unconventional Plays: Understanding the relationship between parent and child wells is crucial in unconventional plays. unconventionalAI provides detailed connectivity maps that highlight these relationships, offering insights into the impact of existing wells on new drilling activities. This information is vital for strategic planning and minimizing detrimental interactions between wells.
  • SRV Distributions Per Fracturing Stage per Well: UnconventionalAI offers detailed SRV (Stimulated Reservoir Volume) distributions for each fracturing stage and per well. This granular data is essential for understanding the effectiveness of each fracturing stage and for planning future drilling and fracturing operations with greater precision.
  • Visualization Maps for Completion Data vs Microseismic Events: The tool also provides comprehensive visualization maps that correlate completion data with microseismic events over time. This feature allows for a deeper understanding of how completion strategies impact the subsurface response, enabling a more informed approach to optimizing completion techniques based on real-time data and trends.

By harnessing the capabilities of unconventionalAI, you gain access to a wealth of detailed, actionable data. These deliverables are designed to empower your team with the insights needed to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and ultimately enhance the productivity and profitability of your unconventional resource projects. unconventionalAI is more than a tool – it’s your gateway to the future of efficient and effective unconventional resource management.

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