CO2 Storage Reservoir Characterization

subsurfaceAI enables quick characterization and estimation of pore space in reservoirs for CO2 geologic storage. Our microseismicAI  solution includes estimation of pore space with uncertainty, sealing property estimation, and advanced data analytics for CO2 storage monitoring. Contribute to sustainable energy practices and make informed decisions about CO2 geologic storage. Choose subsurfaceAI Inc. for fast, reliable, and cutting-edge solutions that accelerate your subsurface task, optimize your assets and reduce risk. Our advanced technologies and expertise will empower you to unlock the full potential of your subsurface resources.

Maximize Values

Maximize values of 2-D seismic data in mapping geologic storage for CO2.

Build 3-D Reservoir Models

Build 3-D reservoir models for your CO2 storage with 2-D seismic and well data.

Pore Space Estimation

Pore space estimation with uncertainty assessment.

Relative Permeability

Estimate relative permeability between CO2 and water phases that are critical for CO2 subsurface storage.

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