SubsurfaceAI 2024.1 release announcement
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SubsurfaceAI Inc. Unveils Groundbreaking SubsurfaceAI 2024.1:

Revolutionizing Subsurface Exploration with AI

In a landmark moment for the geoscience and subsurface exploration industry, SubsurfaceAI Inc. proudly announces the launch of SubsurfaceAI 2024.1, our most innovative and comprehensive platform yet. Building on our legacy of pioneering geoscience technology solutions, SubsurfaceAI 2024.1 marks a new era in exploration and production efficiency, integrating 21 cutting-edge modules into one seamless platform. This release is a testament to our commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to empower geoscientists and engineers for accelerating subsurface workflows.

Innovative Features for Advanced Exploration

SubsurfaceAI 2024.1 is designed to transform every aspect of subsurface data interpretation, quantitative analysis and integrated modeling. Our platform includes five bespoke packages, each targeting key areas of the exploration and production process:

  • InterpretationAI: Revolutionize your seismic interpretation with AI-driven insights, accelerating your ability to map faults, horizons, and geobodies, quickly identifying reservoir characteristics and opportunities.
  • IntegrationAI: Seamlessly integrate diverse data sets, from well logs to seismic data, well completion, and production data, predicting reservoir properties in maps or reservoir grids.
  • UnconventionalAI: Tailored tools for unconventional resources, enhancing fracture analysis, prediction of induced micro-seismicity and reservoir protentional by integrating all available data through advanced machine learning workflows.
  • CoreAI: Dive deep into core analysis with AI, predicting petrophysical properties and core images and facies logs for more accurate reservoir evaluation.
  • GeomodelingAI: Advanced geomodeling capabilities that bring together structural, stratigraphic, and reservoir modeling, enabling precise geological models and scenario analysis.

Empowering Geoscientists with AI

SubsurfaceAI 2024.1 harnesses the power of AI and ML not just as tools, but as partners in exploration. Our AI-enhanced modules offer predictive insights, automate routine tasks, and provide geoscientists with the ability to focus on high-level analysis and decision-making. This approach not only improves efficiency but also enhances the accuracy of interpretations and models, leading to more informed decisions and potentially groundbreaking discoveries.

Platform Designed for the Industry’s Future

The launch of SubsurfaceAI 2024.1 is more than just a product release; it’s a step toward the future of the subsurface exploration industry. Our integrated platform is designed to grow and evolve, with ongoing updates that incorporate the latest AI advancements and user feedback. We are committed to providing a tool that not only meets the current needs of geoscientists and engineers but also anticipates the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Join Us on the Journey to Discovery

SubsurfaceAI Inc. invites you to explore the potential of SubsurfaceAI 2024.1 and join us at the forefront of technological innovation in subsurface exploration. With SubsurfaceAI 2024.1, empower your team to unlock new levels of productivity, accuracy, and insight. Discover the difference that intelligent integration can make in your exploration and production projects.

We are excited to support the geoscience community as it embarks on new explorations and to contribute to the sustainable and efficient development of subsurface resources. Experience the power of SubsurfaceAI 2024.1 and transform your subsurface exploration and production strategies with the leading edge of AI technology.

For more information and to schedule a demo, visit our website or contact our sales team. Let SubsurfaceAI 2024.1 be your gateway to the future of subsurface exploration.

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