Geomodeling Releases AttributeStudio 8.6

Release of AttributeStudio 8.6

​November 23, 2021

CALGARY, Alberta – Geomodeling Technology Corp., a leading innovator of integrated seismic attribute interpretation and cross-scale modeling software, today announced the general release of AttributeStudio™ 8.6. The new release 8.6 includes workflows to predict SRV and microseismic event density before drilling, based surface seismic attributes, as well as many usability improvements. The following is a list of highlights in AttributeStudio 8.6:

  1. Make 3-D volumes from microseismic events and their attributes.
  2. Calculate SRV in time-steps when generating in-stage 4-D microseismic volumes.
  3. Build deep learning models for surface, interval, strata-grid, and microseismic attributes.
  4. Build deep learning model for SRV, with completion data as input.
  5. Calculate Relative Geologic Time (RGT) strata-grid.
  6. New controls in generation and visualization of in-stage 4-D microseismic volumes.
  7. A new window to visualize completion time series data.
  8. New geographic projection toolkit and improved user interface.
  9. A new command to merge separated well logs into one.
  10. Quick access to a seismic section intersecting with a well.
  11. Add a flat surface as the gas/oil/water contact surface when calculating OOIP/OGIP in geobodies.
  12. Import a new format of multi-horizon ascii column file.
  13. A new command “Centre the well on the map” to pan the basemap window to make the well the center of the map.
  14. A well information window to dynamically display well’s information.
  15. A new distance-to-well volume attribute.
  16. Bandpass filtering to 2D seismic data.
  17. Well ties and synthetic seismic traces for deviated wells and 2-D seismic surveys.
  18. Share T-D curves among different 2-D and 3-D surveys.
  19. Fault likelihood algorithm improvement
  20. Edit well symbols in batch in well manager
  21. Apply start time/end time of the correlation window on the synthetics to all wells
  22. Add well formation to “Select Well Zone” window to highlight points in cross plot window
  23. Add “apply to all” button for outlier filter for microseismic points
  24. Rename multiple data volume when importing SEG-Y in batch
  25. Read units from ASCII column file and include the units in the log’s name
  26. Improved well completion data import
  27. Performance improvement when importing thousands of well log (ASCII) files in one pass.
  28. Wells are considered as the top priority when highlighting objects on tree view on basemap
  29. Add “Smooth filtering” in the UI of “Prediction Grid” and “Prediction Map”.

We have been continuing the tradition of improving the usability of existing functions, such as the well data management and importing completion data. The general release AttributeStudio 8.6 and the accompanying “What’s New in AttributeStudio 8.6” are now available for download from web portal by our clients under maintenance agreement.

The webinar recording of “What’s New in AttributeStudio” can be viewed on YouTube (

We appreciate many feedbacks and testing from our active user community. For more information about Geomodeling’s product and service, please contact us at [email protected].