What’s New in AttributeStudio 8.6
Author: subsurfaceAI


AttributeStudio 8.6

Presented By:

Cindy Luo

Msc, Geoscience Specialist
Geomodeling Technology Corp

Date: 16-Nov-2021
Time: 9:00-10:00 AM, Mountain time (GMT-6:00)
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​AttributeStudio 8.6 is packed with several new features in machine learning, 4-D microseismic data analysis and many usability enhancements. In this webinar we will demonstrate the following major new features and improvements in AttributeStudio 8.6,

  1. Dynamic well information window
  2. Quick access to a seismic section intersecting with a well
  3. Merge separated well logs into one log
  4. Relative geologic time (RGT) strata-grid
  5. New controls to generate and visualize In-stage 4-D microseismic volumes
  6. Calculate geobodies and SRVs from In-stage microseismic 4-D volumes
  7. Deep learning models for predicting SRV from completion data
  8. Make 3-D volumes from microseismic events
  9. Workflow to predict microseismic density from seismic attributes
  10. A new window to visualize multiple completion data
  11. New geographic projection toolkit and user interface improvement
  12. Improved fault likelihood attribute
  13. Synthetic traces and well-tie for 2-D and deviated wells

Please join us to see the latest innovation in AttributeStudio, an integrated system for seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization with advanced machine-learning workflows.