Webinar-Effects of Bioturbation on Facies
Author: subsurfaceAI


Effects of Bioturbation on Facies

SBED™ technology models the small-scale sedimentary details that impact large scale reservoir performance.

Burrowing organisms displace and mix sedimentary grain by burrowing, feeding and relocating. Their activity within the substrate can add to sedimentary heterogeneity, but more importantly alters horizontal and vertical permeability.

Understanding the subtle changes in permeability that result from biogenic structures within sediments is an important concern for operators working IOR and EOR projects, such as steam-assisted gravity drainage and CO2 sequestration.

Date: Thursday, December 21,  2017

Time: 9:00 AM   (MST) (10 am CST)

Presenter: Mr. Ahmed Asif, P.Geo., Reservoir Geologist

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