Module 14: Rock Physics Modeling and Facies Classification

Introducing Module 14 in the SubsurfaceAI 2024.2 release, a leap forward in rock physics modeling technology. This module equips users with state-of-the-art tools for comprehensive dry frame and fluid substitution analysis, enriched with interactive modeling capabilities and Rock Physics Templates (RPT) for unparalleled adaptability and insight into reservoir characterization. Dive into enhanced facies classification powered by RPT derived from seismic inversion results, setting a new standard in geological analysis.

Key Features

  1. Rich and Flexible Models:
    • Gain access to an extensive collection of established models for dry frame or fluid substitution analysis. This diverse range ensures thorough and versatile evaluations, catering to a wide array of geological scenarios.
  1. Interactive Modeling:
    • Engage with a highly interactive modeling environment, where parameter adjustments yield instant visual feedback. This dynamic feature allows for meticulous tuning and optimization of models, with the added benefit of overlaying well log samples for immediate comparison and validation.
  1. Rock Physics Templates (RPT):
    • Customize and utilize Rock Physics Templates tailored to meet specific project needs, enhancing the precision of your analyses. These templates serve as a powerful tool for integrating and comparing data from well logs or seismic inversions, facilitating a deeper understanding of subsurface characteristics.
  1. Facies Classification based on RPT:
    • Leverage the sophisticated capabilities of RPTs to directly derive facies grids from seismic inversion results. This innovative approach offers a streamlined and accurate method for facies classification, significantly advancing reservoir characterization efforts.

Module 14 of SubsurfaceAI 2024.2 revolutionizes rock physics modeling, providing an unmatched suite of tools for detailed analysis and decision-making. Embrace the future of reservoir characterization with Module 14, where advanced technology meets practical application, unlocking new dimensions of geological insight.