Getting AI to Abide by Your Interpretations
Author: subsurfaceAI


Webinar – Assisted Intelligence: Getting AI to Abide by Your Interpretations

Date: Wednesday, July 26th , 2023
Time: 8:30-9:00AM, Mountain Time, Q&A afterward
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Presented by David Gray, Senior VIP Integrated Solutions

In our experience AI (Artificial Intelligence) can never replace a Geophysicist’s expert domain knowledge. Instead, think of AI as a Junior who you train to follow how you interpret seismic volume. A better term for our AI might be “Assisted Intelligence” because it follows exactly what you’ve trained it to do. Just as you would train an assistant such as a Junior, Tech, or Intern, you need to spend a some time training the AI algorithm to learn your key interpretations for a given area. The advantage of AI is that this training is brief and it will follow and extend your interpretation through the volume exactly as you would have done it. The only time it will misfire is if it sees something unlike anything you’ve interpreted. Such areas will be quickly identified through standard QC. Then all you have to do is train the AI on this new geology, just as you’d train your Junior who encountered something new, and the AI will then pick up this new interpretation and extend that through the volume. And just like a Junior, it will now be able to extend the interpretation through other similar volumes. Our AI algorithm uses Neural Networks (NN) that learn to classify images and patterns. Therefore, it can be trained to learn the patterns that you see when you are interpreting your key seismic attributes.     Your interpretation may be different depending on these patterns and the purpose of the interpretation e.g., identifying a channel or staying in zone. In this presentation, we describe a method where AI learns from you to repeat your interpretation consistently and reliably. The advantage of this NN is that once trained it can quickly repeat your interpretation consistently throughout the volume and other similar volumes.

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Date: Wednesday, July 26th , 2023
Time: 8:30-9:00AM, Mountain Time, Q&A afterward
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