Geomodeling Releases SBED™ 4.1 and SBED™ 4.1 for Petrel*
Author: subsurfaceAI

Advanced Software for Near-Wellbore Rock Property Modeling

January 28, 2011

CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Geomodeling Technology Corp., a leading provider of innovative software for the upstream oil and gas industry, today announced the release of SBED™ 4.1 and SBED™ 4.1 for Petrel* near-wellbore modeling applications.  SBED 4.1 adds automatic core plug conditioning to the only oil and gas software available that models small-scale sedimentary details and generates accurate lamina-scale properties for use in reservoir modeling and simulation.  This release of SBED also includes direct import of data from Numerical Rocks e-Core digital pore-scale modeling software, creating a seamless workflow for pore-to-lamina scale modeling.

Additional new features include an improved simulation engine and data analysis tools. Geologists and petrophysicists using SBED 4.1 can input core plug data derived from laboratory analysis into SBED models and the application will automatically condition a near well-bore model to match those results.  SBED 4.1 uses a sophisticated optimization algorithm to converge model results to correspond to physical core plug data.  With a single button press, users can combine core plug data and SBED models into a realistic simulation of lamina properties for input into reservoir models and reservoir simulators.

“Core plug conditioning and a pore-to-lamina scale workflow are part of our focus on solving difficult problems that our customers face in today’s complex reservoir environments,” said Mark Klingbeil, Geomodeling CEO, “We continue to push the leading edge of reservoir technology in our products and SBED 4.1 is a great example of that.”

SBED was developed through a consortium of eight of the world’s largest oil and gas companies in pursuit of capabilities beyond those offered by conventional reservoir modeling technology.  Results from SBED models provide more realistic distributions of rock properties and more accurate reserve calculations.