Geomodeling Releases AttributeStudio™ 7.0
Author: subsurfaceAI

Advanced Microseismic Data Analysis and Seismic-Conditioned Hydraulic Fracture Modeling for Unconventional Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Geomodeling Technology Corp., a leading provider of seismic analysis and cross-scale modeling software for the upstream oil and gas industry, today announced a major new release of AttributeStudio™, its cutting-edge seismic attribute interpretation software. AttributeStudio 7.0 includes advanced tools for microseismic data analysis, seismic-conditioned hydraulic fracture modeling and enhanced stratigraphic well-to-seismic attribute correlation, creating the oil and gas industry’s most innovative suite of features for unconventional plays.  This release also includes principal component analysis filtering, expanding AttributeStudio’s comprehensive set of structure-oriented filtering algorithms that reduce noise while preserving geologic structure.  AttributeStudio 7.0 continues to drive the state-of-the-art in seismic attribute generation, visualization, calibration and interpretation for Microsoft Windows desktops and laptops.

AttributeStudio 7.0 can import, visualize and correlate microseismic data alongside conventional seismic and well log data within its interactive 2D and 3D displays.  Users are able to easily correlate and cross-plot microseismic data with seismic attribute data to identify trends in fracture patterns.  Seismic-conditioned hydraulic fracture models can be generated in AttributeStudio, providing a powerful tool for correlating microseismic and seismic attributes to production stimulation in shale formations.  AttributeStudio 7.0 also includes enhanced stratigraphic well log upscaling and regression-based correlation algorithms that enable generation of reservoir attribute maps. Combined together, these features provide unmatched innovation for unconventional oil and gas exploration.

“Microseismic data acquisition is expanding at a rapid rate as growth continues in unconventional oil and gas plays. We worked closely with our customers to develop the features that they need to analyze and correlate this new type of data and we are really proud of our new seismic-conditioned hydraulic fracture modeling capability,” said Mark Klingbeil, Chief Executive Officer of Geomodeling Technology.  “We are excited to be at the leading-edge of advanced technology development for unconventional oil and gas exploration in an easy-to-use, affordable package on Microsoft Windows.”

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