Geomodeling Releases AttributeStudio 8.5
Author: subsurfaceAI

10X Improvement in Horizon and Fault Tracking Speed

CALGARY, Alberta – Geomodeling Technology Corp., a leading provider of seismic attribute interpretation and cross-scale modeling software for the upstream oil and gas industry, today announced the general release of AttributeStudio™ 8.5. The new release includes the following six new features and many improvements that enhance the productivity of geophysicists for seismic attribute interpretation.

1) 3-D velocity modeling to honor multiple formation tops in horizontal wells. It is common for a horizontal well to penetrate the same formation top multiple times. Because of lateral variation in velocity, a single T-D curve would not be able to accurately convert time to depth for the well tops in the horizontal segment. In version 8.5, we developed an easy-to-use workflow to build more accurate 3-D velocity volume that can honor multiple tops of the same formation in time-depth conversion of horizons and well objects.

2) Extrapolate well velocity curves to deeper horizons. It is not unusual to have wells that do not penetrate deep horizons for which we need to do a time-depth conversation. With the version 8.5, a user has the option to extrapolate well velocities when building a 3-D velocity strata-grid. The user can quality-control extrapolated well velocity in the improved T-D window.

3) Non-linear data-color transform for RGBA color blending. The non-linear data-to-color transform in RGBA color blending allows user to interactively adjust the transform curve of RGBA components and see the results in real-time on basemap or in 3-D window. The non-linear transform is more versatile to highlight the interested range in the spectral decomposition results.

4) Define and edit well correlation windows on base map. A user can quickly define a well correlation window by selecting wells on a base map. Wells in the correlation window are dynamically linked with those on the base map.

5) Estimate 1-D probability density functions on 2-D cross plot. User can quickly estimate and visualize both 1-D and 2-D probability density functions for each facies on a cross plot. This is applicable for all objects that can be cross-plotted, such as well data, seismic attributes on horizons, intervals, strata-grids, or volumes.

6) Purge deleted files. A command is developed to purge all files that are no longer used in a project, such as those intermediate files generated during attribute calculation or corrupted by the database. This new command can save disk space as much as 20% in certain projects.

We have been continued the tradition of improving the usability of existing functions, such as the Bayes classification workflow which can generate facies and posterior probability maps and grids automatically without any user interaction. With the addition of a few new right-button commands, the visualization control for the 2-D cross plot becomes even easier than before. Users can use facies grids or facies maps to train production data with the near-well-bore seismic attributes. With version 8.5, you will notice more than 10x speed improvements in horizon and fault surface tracking because of improvement in the tracking algorithm.

The general release version of AttributeStudio 8.5 and the accompanying “What’s New in AttributeStudio 8.5” are now available for downloading from the web portal by our clients under maintenance agreement. We appreciate many feedbacks and testing from our active user community. For more information about Geomodeling’s product and service, please contact us at [email protected].