Webinar - Supervised Learning Workflow AttributeStudio 8.3
Author: subsurfaceAI

Geomodeling Webinar

Supervised Learning Workflow for Predicting Reservoir Properties in AttributeStudio 8.3


Date: Thursday, November 7, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM-10:00 AM   (MST)

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The new deep-learning toolbox in AttributeStudio 8.3 provides the best-in-class algorithms, yet a very easy-to-use workflow for supervised learning between well data and seismic attributes. In this webinar, we will use a real data set to demonstrate how to use supervised learning network for predicting both discrete and continuous types of well data, such as facies, NTG, and porosity in a reservoir interval.

A supervised learning workflow in AttributeStudio consists of the following steps: 

  1. Determine the interpretation object on which to predict reservoir properties: a horizon surface, an interval or a strata-grid.
  2. Select wells to define a training object
  3. Upscale the target well property, such as facies log or porosity log, to the horizon, interval or strata-grid
  4. Extract seismic attributes to the training object
  5. Train the supervised learning network between the target well property and a selected set of seismic attributes
  6. Performance analysis of the supervised learning network resulting from step 5
  7. Apply the supervised learning network to predict the well property when the prediction performance is satisfied, otherwise go back to step 5

We will pay a special attention to the performance analysis function in training the supervised learning network, such as how to avoid over-training by selecting proper data for training, validation and blind testing.