Webinar - Cross-plotting Analysis in AttributeStudio 8.1
Author: subsurfaceAI

Cross-Plotting Analysis

Webinar for AttributeStudio 8.1

Cross-plotting – is an analysis technique that enables interpreters to analyze relationships between seismic attributes. It is based on the concept that reservoirs are not necessarily characterized by any one single attribute. By cross-plotting attributes, interpreters can easily visualize the hidden relationships between them, classify the data into seismic facies, and identify hydrocarbon indicators within the reservoir.

In this webinar, we will overview the cross-plotting functionality in AttributeStudio 8.1 and demonstrate just how quickly and efficiently cross-plotting workflows can be implemented.

Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017

Time: 9:00 MST (10 am CST)

Presenter: Mr. Mohammed (Mo) Al-lbrahim

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