Spectral Decomposition Article from Geomodeling Featured in AAPG Explorer
Author: subsurfaceAI

Spectral Decomposition aids in

Seimic Interpretation


An article by Rongfeng Zhang, one of our expert geophysicists here at Geomodeling, is featured in the Geophysical Corner of the AAPG Explorer this month.  Rongfeng’s article, “Finding the Value in Spectral Decomposition,” reviews the mechanics of Spectral Decomposition and how it aids in seismic interpretation (click on the title to see the article on the APPG Explorer website).  He also points out some of the shortcomings, which are addressed by a new feature coming soon in AttributeStudio.

Past publications by Dr. Zhang on Spectral Decomposition include:

“Spectral decomposition of seismic data with CWPT,”  The Leading Edge, Volume 27, Issue 3 (March 2008)

Enhancing Reservoir Visualization with Spectral Decomposition,” with Janice Liwanag and Karl Mirotchnik, Drilling and Exploration World Journal, July 2006.

Fine-tuning with spectral decomposition,” with Janice Liwanag and Karl Mirotchni, E&P,  July 4, 2006.

Five Methods included in AttributeStudio

Spectral Decomposition is one of the most popular features among our users. AttributeStudio includes five methodsn:

  • discrete Fourier transform (DFT)
  • continuous wavelet transform (CWT)
  • time–frequency continuous wavelet transform (TFCWT)
  • S-transform (ST)
  • continuous wavelet packet transform (CWPT)

Another article from Rongfeng will appear next month in the Geophysical Corner describing a new method coming in AttributeStudio 7.4 (February 2014 Release).  We are really excited about this new feature which we will be demonstrating at AAPG in Houston, April 6-9, 2014.  If you are attending AAPG, be sure and drop by our booth, #1857, to see this new feature in action.

– John Sherman, VP Marketing & Product Development