Small-scale reservoir modeling tool optimizes recovery offshore Norway
Author: subsurfaceAI

Modeling of small-scale bedding geometries improves recovery estimates in Norwegian oil fields, yielding added value of at least 16 million barrels.

Demands for improved oil recovery prompted the Norwegian oil company, Statoil, to evaluate geologically complex oil and gas-condensate fields offshore Norway with a new approach. Here, major sections of producing reservoirs are heterolithic tidal units of interlayered mud and sand. Using conventional modeling technology,

Statoil geologists could not capture the fine-scale interlayering that would later impact their reservoir property simulations and reserve predictions. A unique multi-scale reservoir modeling tool developed by Geomodeling enabled Statoil to better understand its reservoir assets and choose the right strategies for optimized recovery.

Carsten Elfenbein and Philip Ringrose, Statoil ASA; and Murray Christie, Geomodeling Technology Corp.

Published in World Oil October 2005

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