ReservoirStudio™ Software

Advanced Workflow Solutions for Reservoir Modeling

Welcome to ReservoirStudio™, a key component of the subsurfaceAI 2024 release, offering cutting-edge workflow solutions for building detailed reservoir models that honor geologic conceptual models beyond the limits of seismic resolution. ReservoirStudio™ provides a comprehensive workflow, from seismic and well data interpretation to sophisticated reservoir modeling.

Benefits of ReservoirStudio

Here’s a detailed overview of its workflow and major features:

  • Horizon Surface Modeling: ReservoirStudio™ enables the construction of 2-D surface grids based on well tops or seismic horizon interpretations. It utilizes both deterministic and geostatistical interpolation algorithms to provide accurate surface models, essential for reliable subsurface analysis.
  • Stratigraphic Layering: The software allows for the strategic insertion of stratigraphic layers between key horizons, with user-defined contact relationships such as proportional, top conformable, bottom conformable, or parallel to an external surface. Isochores can be used for layer addition, giving users control over the number of layers (for proportional) or the distribution of layer thickness ratios (for other contact types).
  • Stratigraphic Scenario Modeling: ReservoirStudio™ excels in stratigraphic scenario modeling, especially for fluvial and deep-water reservoirs. It offers model templates for point-bars, various channel-infill, and stacking patterns. The flexibility to model thin-bedded shale drapes and channel boundaries makes it a versatile tool for complex geological settings.
  • Well Log Upscaling: The software scales up well log curves to cell values in the stratigraphic grid. This upscaling includes volumetric averaging for porosity, volume voting for facies log, and harmonic averaging for permeability. The upscaled data, termed as “well conditioning data,” are crucial for precise reservoir characterization.
  • Data Analysis: Well conditioning data are analyzed through a unified interface to estimate histogram distributions, variogram models, and cross-correlation coefficients of facies, porosity, and permeability, providing a comprehensive understanding of these critical reservoir properties.
  • Facies Modeling: ReservoirStudio™ generates multiple realizations of facies grids using sophisticated geostatistical algorithms. It ensures that upscaled facies logs at well locations are honored, ensuring data consistency and reliability.
  • Property Modeling: The software produces multiple realizations of porosity and permeability grids through sequential Gaussian simulation algorithms. It incorporates porosity and permeability trends from well data or seismic attributes into the simulated realizations. Universal kriging and collocated cokriging are optional methodologies for generating the “best estimate” models. Oil and gas saturation grids are also generated, honoring well conditioning data in each geostatistically simulated or estimated grid.
  • Volumetric Uncertainty Quantification: Users can select contact surfaces (oil-water, gas-water) and calculate volumetric estimates for conventional reservoirs. This feature computes oil and gas volumes in place for each realization, with histogram distribution curves and percentile indications like P10, P50, and P90, or other user-defined percentiles.
  • Upscaling of Geo-Grid to Flow-Grid: ReservoirStudio™ allows users to define a target grid with fewer cells and applies volumetric averaging to upscale the porosity grid. For permeability grids, options include arithmetic, harmonic averaging, and flow-based upscaling methods. The software also preserves key boundary layers, such as mud layers in inclined heterolithic stratification (IHS), during facies upscaling.

ReservoirStudio™ from subsurfaceAI 2024 represents the forefront of reservoir modeling technology. It’s an essential tool for professionals seeking advanced, accurate, and comprehensive reservoir models, ensuring informed decision-making in exploration and production activities.

Why Choose ReservoirStudio?

ReservoirStudio stands at the forefront of reservoir modeling technology, offering unparalleled capabilities in creating geologically realistic models that significantly enhance production performance forecasting. Here’s why ReservoirStudio is an indispensable tool for your reservoir modeling endeavors:

  • Creation of Predictive and Realistic Reservoir Models: ReservoirStudio is specifically designed to construct reservoir models that not only mirror real-world geological complexity but also possess a high predictive accuracy for production performance. This capability allows for more reliable forecasting, helping you make well-informed decisions that maximize production efficiency and profitability.
  • Capturing Fine Stratigraphic Details Below Seismic Resolution: One of the standout features of ReservoirStudio is its ability to capture and represent stratigraphic features that are often missed by seismic resolution. This level of detail ensures a more comprehensive understanding of the reservoir, leading to models that more accurately reflect the subsurface reality.
  • Seamless Integration of Diverse Data Sources: ReservoirStudio excels in integrating various types of data into the static reservoir model. It harmoniously combines seismic attributes, geologic analog models, and well data, creating a cohesive and detailed reservoir model. This integration is key to understanding the complexity of reservoirs and enhances the predictive power of the models.
  • Enhanced Geological Realism: The tool goes beyond standard modeling techniques by adding enhanced geological realism to the reservoir models. This realism is crucial for understanding the behavior of the reservoir under different production scenarios, leading to more accurate predictions and better planning.
  • Advanced Static Modeling Capabilities: ReservoirStudio’s advanced static modeling capabilities allow for a detailed representation of the reservoir before dynamic factors like fluid flow are considered. This foundational understanding is critical for any subsequent dynamic modeling and simulation.

Empower your team

By choosing ReservoirStudio, you’re not just selecting a software package; you’re empowering your team with a sophisticated tool that brings accuracy, detail, and predictive power to your reservoir modeling projects. ReservoirStudio from subsurfaceAI 2024 is your key to unlocking the full potential of your reservoirs, ensuring optimal production strategies and maximizing the return on your investments.

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