Module 4: AI for Core Photo Interpretation and Property Prediction

subsurfaceAI offers a dedicated package, CoreAI, that is a user-friendly software solution tailored for geologists seeking to automate the traditional interpretation process of core photos, which are the ground-truth data from subsurface reservoirs.  This module is the core part of the CoreAI package. With this powerful AI module, you can train an AI model for special rock type identification from core photos, lithofacies classification of core images and generate facies proportional curves.  With property training data, you can even generate SBED template types and accelerate the SBED workflow.  With depth calibration for both core plug data and core photos, you can train CoreAI for petrophysical properties predication, such as predicting grain size, porosity and permeability logs. All results are integrated into the rest of SubsurfaceAI workflows.

Key Features

  1. Support for Core Photos, 2-D, and 3-D CT Volumes:
    • Comprehensive support for core photos, as well as 2-D and 3-D CT volumes.
  2. Geological Feature Removal from Core Photos:
    • Efficient removal of geological features from core photos.
  3. Classification of Core Photos into Facies Log or Bedding Structure Type Logs:
    • Accurate classification of core photos into facies log or bedding structure type logs.
  4. Training and Prediction of Core Plug Properties:
    • Seamless training and prediction of core plug properties from core photos or CT-images.
  5. Deliver Vshale, Facies Proportional Curves, Porosity and Permeability Logs
    • The most accurate Vshale and property logs for building static reservoir models.