Module 17: Production Prediction and Sweet Spot Mapping

Optimize drilling and production strategies with advanced analysis of near-wellbore volume seismic attributes and machine learning-driven predictions of sweet spots. This module combines data analysis with predictive modeling to identify areas with high production potential, guiding exploratory and developmental drilling efforts.

Key Features

  1. Near-Wellbore Volume Seismic Attributes and Upscaling
    • Users can define near-wellbore volumes (NWVs) within horizontal well segments, specifying varying width and height values to delineate a series of ellipsoids. Statistics of seismic attributes within NWVs are utilized as input for machine learning and data analysis processes.
  2. Data Analysis
    • All available data analysis and machine learning functions can be applied to production data and seismic attribute statistics.
  3. Prediction of Sweet Spots for Drilling
    • Predicted production potential maps or 3-D grids can be generated from near-wellbore seismic attribute statistics by applying multiple machine learning algorithms.