Module 13: Data Analysis

subsurfaceAI’s comprehensive data analysis module supports a wide range of analyses, including histogram distributions, cross-correlation, and variogram modeling for various project objects. Real-time update capabilities ensure that data analysis results are immediately reflected in geostatistical kriging and conditional simulation functions, providing up-to-date insights for informed decision-making.

Key Features

  1. Histogram Distributions
    • Estimate histogram distribution statistics for entire sample populations or by facies, providing valuable insights into data distribution patterns.
  1. Cross Correlation
    • Generate correlation tables between any two variables, enabling thorough analysis of relationships within sample populations or by facies.
  1. Cross Plots
    • Create cross plots in a single window between any two variables, facilitating visual analysis of data relationships for entire sample populations or by facies.
  1. Variogram Model
    • Estimate directional variogram models for discrete samples or regularly sampled grids, aiding in the understanding of spatial variability and correlation structures.
  1. Support for All Domain Objects
    • Conduct data analysis for core plug data, well logs before or after upscaling, attributes on surfaces, intervals, strata-grids, or reservoir grids, ensuring comprehensive insights across all data types.
  1. Real-Time Updates
    • Benefit from real-time updates of data analysis results using geostatistical kriging and conditional simulation functions, allowing for dynamic and informed decision-making.

Experience robust and insightful data analysis capabilities with Module 13 of SubsurfaceAI 2024.2, empowering you to extract meaningful insights and make informed decisions in subsurface exploration and modeling.