Geomodeling Releases ReservoirStudio™ 5.0
Author: subsurfaceAI

Realistic Reservoir Modeling for Complex Depositional Environments

CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Geomodeling Technology Corp., a leading provider of cross-scale modeling and seismic analysis software for the upstream oil and gas industry, today announced the release of ReservoirStudio™ 5.0, its advanced reservoir modeling software.  ReservoirStudio 5.0 generates high-resolution reservoir models with greater stratigraphic details than conventional geocellular modelling packages.  With built-in sedimentological rules, ReservoirStudio is able to produce realistic geological models for complex depositional environments.  ReservoirStudio 5.0 users can build new reservoir models or import models from standard reservoir modelling packages for refinement.  Reservoir models constructed or refined in ReservoirStudio can be exported to geocellular modeling packages for upscaling.

ReservoirStudio uses geologic rules to model the details of channel infill, channel levee, channel lobe and background sediment as stratigraphic grids.  Litho-objects, such as mud, sand and silt can be simulated within stratigraphic grids along with their corresponding facies proportions.  The resulting grids and property models are more realistic than commonplace stochastic models, enabling improved accuracy in reservoir model performance prediction.

“ReservoirStudio is a unique product that is at the leading edge of reservoir modeling,” said Mark Klingbeil, Chief Executive Officer of Geomodeling Technology.  “ReservoirStudio can produce realistic geologic models that are beyond the capability of conventional modelling packages.  ReservoirStudio 5.0 comes in both stand-alone and Petrel plug-in versions to provide maximum flexibility for our customers.