Geomodeling Releases AttributeStudio™ 8
Author: subsurfaceAI

AttributeStudio™ 8

Seismic Attribute Analysis and Quantitative Interpretation

We are thrilled to announce the release of AttributeStudio™ 8, the next-generation of integrated seismic attribute analysis and quantitative interpretation workflow toolbox. This release represents a major milestone in our software development, building upon 20 years of research and development. AttributeStudio 8 is a quantum leap forward in terms of usability and productivity for reservoir characterization using seismic attribute analysis beyond conventional workflows.

“The improved functionality and advanced attribute analysis workflows in AttributeStudio 8 make it possible for seismic interpreters to complete conventional seismic interpretation and advanced attribute analysis in a single software environment. What used to be done by specialists, on multiple platforms, is now available for every seismic interpreter in one integrated environment”, says Dr. Renjun Wen, Founder, and CEO of Geomodeling Technology Corp.He further comments: “With AttributeStudio 8, our users can perform a complete workflow from well correlation, fault and horizon interpretation, through to advanced seismic attribute analysis in a fraction of the time required before. A project that used to take weeks can be completed in days or even hours”. This ability makes a huge difference in the current downturn environment when more work must be done with less personnel.

AttributeStudio™ 8 is a member of Geomodeling Studio, our multi-scale geoscience software platform. Our three products, AttributeStudio, ReservoirStudio, and SBED share a common database, visualization functionality, and graphic user interface, providing an integrated solution for multi-scale reservoir characterization from core-to-production data.

Software Features

Below are a few key new features in AttributeStudio 8.

  1. Interactive seismic spectral blueing and coloured inversion.
  2. New algorithms for spectral decomposition, volume curvature, and image filtering.
  3. Support of multiple CPUs in all attribute calculations and filtering.
  4. Support of multiple 3D and 2D surveys in a single project.
  5. Session saving and persistence in user interface setting and visualization parameters.
  6. Visualization of multiple attributes with color-blending and co-rendering.
  7. Rose diagram mapping and vector plotting for azimuthal attributes.
  8. Productivity enhancements in synthetic seismogram, well-tie, fault and horizon interpretation.
  9. Improved workflows to correlate seismic attributes with production and completion data.
  10. Improved workflows for mapping of “sweet-spots” in shale and tight-sand plays and prediction of reservoir properties from multi-attributes.

Geomodeling is committed to providing our users with the best tools to keep them at the forefront of integrated seismic attribute analysis for reservoir characterization, allowing geoscientists to maximize the value of their existing data to achieve better drilling locations. With the release of AttributeStudio 8, we are achieving our long-term vision of providing integrated multi-scale interpretation, modeling and upscaling workflow toolbox for geoscientists.

For more information about AttributeStudio 8 or download instructions, please contact [email protected]

originally published: June 15, 2016