A New Era in Subsurface Exploration

Geomodeling Technology Corp. Transforms into SubsurfaceAI Inc

A New Era in Subsurface Exploration

In an industry marked by constant evolution and technological advancements, Geomodeling Technology Corp. has taken a significant leap forward. The company, long respected for its contributions to subsurface modeling and analysis, has rebranded itself as SubsurfaceAI Inc. This transformation is not just a name change; it’s a bold step into the future of hydrocarbon exploration and production. Along with the rebranding, SubsurfaceAI Inc. has launched its new website, subsurfaceai.ca, and introduced an innovative software platform, representing a new frontier in the industry.

Introducing subsurfaceAI: A Comprehensive Integration of Advanced Technologies

subsurfaceAI emerges as a groundbreaking software platform, amalgamating all former products from Geomodeling Technology Corp. It seamlessly integrates seismic interpretation, machine-learning-based seismic attribute analysis, near-wellbore modeling, and process-oriented reservoir modeling. What sets this platform apart is the infusion of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies across all its applications.

AI and ML: Catalysts for Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy

SubsurfaceAI Inc. mission is clear and ambitious: to accelerate all subsurface workflows in hydrocarbon exploration, production, and CO2 storage reservoir characterization, modeling, and prediction. The incorporation of AI and ML technologies marks a significant advancement in efficiency and accuracy, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in subsurface exploration and modeling.

SBED: Revamped for Superior Performance

The near-wellbore modeling and upscaling software, SBED, has undergone a transformative improvement. By embedding AI and ML into its workflow, the efficiency and ease of use of SBED have been enhanced by more than tenfold. This represents a monumental leap in near-wellbore modeling capabilities. 

ReservoirStudio: A Key Component of the geomodelingAI Package

ReservoirStudio, a revolutionary process-oriented reservoir modeling software, is now integrated into the geomodelingAI package. Alongside SBED, it forms an essential part of a comprehensive core-to-field modeling workflow, setting a new standard in the industry.

A Unified E&P Workflow Solution

SubsurfaceAI stands out for its ability to unify all steps of subsurface workflows in the E&P industry. From core interpretation and geological correlation of well logs to seismic interpretation, analysis, and 3-D reservoir model building, everything is consolidated into one integrated package. This integration facilitates a shared multi-scale database and an interactive visualization environment, leading to more than ten times productivity improvement.

AttributeStudio and interpretationAI: Refined for Geophysics and Interpretation

AttributeStudio, renowned for its seismic interpretation and advanced attribute analysis, is now rebranded as subsurfaceAI for Geophysics and InterpretationAI. These tools form an integral part of the subsurfaceAI suite, offering more than tenfold productivity in interpreting horizons, faults, and geobodies.

The First of Its Kind: Multi-Scale and Cross-Scale Workflows

subsurfaceAI is pioneering in the industry, offering true multi-scale and cross-scale workflows that cater to an entire subsurface team. This innovative approach allows for seamless collaboration and integration of different aspects of subsurface exploration and modeling.

Rapid Project Completion

With subsurfaceAI, integrated well and seismic interpretation, and reservoir modeling projects can now be completed in days instead of months. This unprecedented efficiency is a game-changer for the industry, enabling quicker decision-making and significantly reducing project timelines.


The transition from Geomodeling Technology Corp. to SubsurfaceAI Inc. marks a new chapter in subsurface exploration and modeling. The launch of subsurfaceAI is not just a technological advancement; it’s a paradigm shift that promises to redefine efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration in the oil and gas sector. As the industry moves forward, SubsurfaceAI Inc. is poised to lead the way with its innovative solutions, reshaping the future of subsurface exploration and modeling.

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